If You are Pregnant & Need Help?

  • We will talk with you honestly about your options and provide you with resources.

  • We will provide Counseling Services &Financial Support throughout the process.

  • Transportation, Housing and Medical Care.

  • 100% Confidential.

  • You Can Choose a Loving Family for Your baby.

Adoption Associates has been a trusted leader in domestic adoptions in Michigan for over 30 years. As a non-profit agency Adoption Associates is here to provide compassion and support to women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and want to plan adoption. Adoption agencies conduct adoption differently than attorneys. As adoption professionals, we recognize the emotional nature of what is involved and will be there to help you regardless of the circumstances. We understand that you may be experiencing a great deal of stress or that your circumstances may be complicated. We are experienced and able to help. A member of our staff will travel anywhere in Michigan to meet with you at no cost and without any pressure. With Adoption Associates you have the choice of local, personal help and an adoption consultant can assist you from one of our four offices: Farmington Hills, Jenison, Lansing, and Saginaw.

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Common Questions About Adoption

An agency can assist you with your needs during  pregnancy. We can provide counseling, assist you in choosing a family for your baby,  take care of legal work, and assist with medical expenses if needed.

Yes. We have many prospective adoptive couples who have been studied and approved. You might also want to choose a friend or someone who has been recommended to you.

This will depend on your choice, the legal aspects of the adoption, and the cooperation of the birth father.  Many birth mothers want their baby  placed with the family by the time they leave the hospital. The agency can also provide temporary care, if needed, with a host family.

Adoption Associates, Inc. has several selected families who provide excellent pre-adoptive host family care. These families have been working with us for a long time and are loving, caring homes. We can share photos and information about them if you are interested.

Yes. Your caseworker will work with you to make a well thought-out hospital plan. You will have the opportunity to decide ahead of time about the amount of contact you would like with your baby.


Talk to our caseworkers to decide if adoption is the best option for you and your baby.

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